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  • The Foundation strives to harness the power of successful women professionals to educate, mentor and empower socio-economically girls challenged with academic
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  • The 40 Roses Mentors are carefully selected outstanding women achievers with rich experience necessary for inspiring and empowering the younger generation
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  • Our Mentees are young dynamic Ghanaian women/ girls of any faith or geographic background from the demography of the poorest, most vulnerable and most...
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40 Roses Foundation

The 40 Roses Foundation is a uniquely designed initiative that links 40 accomplished professional women mentors with 40 girls from underprivileged backgrounds in partnership to help transform their lives.  We believe in our power as individuals and as collectives to help girls from disadvantage families break their cycle of poverty and exclusion to build better future for themselves, their families and their communities. We firmly believe that regardless of their socio-economic underprivileged situation, these girls have unlimited potential and have the ability to change their situation when provided with adequate opportunity and support. The foundation serves as a network for ongoing support, mentoring and opportunity, to girls who otherwise lack such opportunities- to fulfill their full potential.